This is the official page for the

Marion County ARES Group and SKYWARN.

This Saturday August 19th at 9am at the MCSO Emergency Operations Center we will have our monthly ARES meeting. You do not need to be a member in order to attend the meeting and we welcome all people interested in Amateur radio and who are interested in learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here or through PM. Have a great day and we hope to see you there!!

The ARES/SKYWARN net has been merged. There is a new preamble on the website for the net control operators to use. Upon completion of the net, please go to http://aresmcfl.org/netreport/ and fill out the form as indicated. This will be used by the Section Manager in his reports to the ARRL. It’s really painless and takes only 1 minute or less to complete.

If an ARES/SKYWARN event happens during the week you are scheduled (Wed – Tues), you are requested to bring up the net as soon as possible until relieved.

The next ARES/SKYWARN meeting will be at the Marion County Emergency Operations Center on Saturday, August 19, 2017 in the Training Room, in conjunction with the monthly MERT meeting.

Starting time 9:00 a.m. These meetings are held jointly with MERT and SKYWARN members in Marion County to foster interoperability, and espirit de corps. We need to work together as a complete group even though we all have different responsibilities.

Directions and a Map from Green Clover Hall to the EOC

Our mailing address is:
Marion County ARES
Attn: Ron Viola, KS4SW
PO Box 787
Silver Springs FL 34489
We hold discussions on upcoming events and training for ARES, SKYWARN, & MERT members. Please see the membership application for joining ARES.