Meeting Notes



SEP 13 2014



September 13, 2014, 10:30-12:30



Other AECs Present:

CARL BERRY, KC5CMX, PIO                        EDDIE LUCAS, KK4JIV, Technical



BILL CASE, W4SRQ, MERT**                     ROGER STALEY, K4ZFW, Transportation

DAVE WELKER, W2SRP, Hospital Hams

  *   Pending              ** Indicates not present

 Topics Covered:

  1. Primary repeater frequencies (receive side) to be programmed into all ARES members radios, to be used in the event of that particular repeater not working due to equipment failure or local contact only (from one end of the parking lot to the other).
  2. REASON: You can still monitor the repeater and talk locally on the receive side frequency, but if had a need to talk over the repeater, just change the “channel” on the radio.
  3. Consolidate a master frequency list, i.e. ICS 205a in such a way that ARES, MERT, the hospitals and other supported agencies are all on the same frequency plan for the county for that event or “non-event”. Include who owns the repeater, POC, etc. Dave Welker, Carl Berry, Bill Case to work one up.
  4. The published agenda was followed and numerous questions were entertained from the field.
  5. Incorporate download files for the various radios, Icom, Kenwood, Boefang, etc. such as having them set to be able to be incident specific. Make out a plan for an ARES lead event, MERT lead event, etc. so we can pick up any radio and they will be basically laid out the same for the duration of the event. Remember, plan may change at any time before or during an event, depending on needs and equipment availability.
  6. Include SkyWarn spotter sheets on the ARESMCFL.ORG/SkyWarn website.
  7. The following frequencies are now listed as primary contact frequencies. This may be adjusted as the event warrants:
  1. For SkyWarn nets/events, new frequency is 146.610 123-
  2. ARES nets/events, new frequency is 146.610 123-
  3. General traffic 146.610 123- During an event, net control will direct who  to go to what frequency/repeater.
  1. “Woodwork hams”, are the ones that only pull the radios out and charge them when there is an event coming – utilization, how will they be utilized as a single resource
  2. During an event/net, the NCS is the absolute authority for use of the frequency. If direct contact is desired, contact (NCS) and ask permission to move someone to different frequency. If there is an emergency (tornado on ground, etc.,) net is considered to be in emergency mode. This will be RESTRICTED to hospitals or government entities requesting to move. To do for non-emergency net traffic is discouraged and offending ham will be told to wait, unless an emergency.
  3. Discussion of listing subnets and frequencies on UHF, depending on location and conditions.
  4. Tactical frequency plan needed (see ICS 205a)
  5. Update websites with current information
  6. Call sign for SET is to be the NCS’s personal call sign. Tactical call for this event will not be used.
  7. SET will consist of MERT, CERT and Hospital hams, as well as others, contacting the Marion County ARES NCS and giving their name, signal report and location. THAT IS ALL
  8. ARRL North Florida website – Signup for emails and information.
  9. Create a PSA for ARES meetings to go on the radio stations. (Carl)
  10. Recommended all ARES members complete NIMS courses 100, 200, 700, & 800. As an ARES group that works so closely with other organizations that utilize NIMS, it would be wise for us to do the same, or at least be familiar with the concept and how it works.
  11. Discussion of SkyWarn
  12. Next meeting at Iron Skillet, Oct 18 at 10:00, breakfast starts at 9:00. Bring a can of WD-40 for the doors. Publicity is required as far and wide as possible by all means.
  13. Magazine information will be out in November. (EC)
  14. Meeting adjourned around 12:30L

These notes are not all inclusive, but the best I was able to take.

Carl Berry, KC5CMX



Aug 2014 notes

Marion Co. Florida ARES® notes from meeting August 9, 2014

  1. Next meeting will be on 9/13/14 at Iron Skillet, Reddick FL at 10:30. Come early for eats. See SSRC website under the ARES® tab for map and directions.
  2. MC FL ARES website will now be Carl is working on it and should be up shortly. Cost annually will be $15.00. There is a $30.00 upgrade fee to K4GSO.US for hosting the site, but it is a onetime fee.
  3. More promotion of ARES is needed. Suggestions and publications are:
  4. Website
  5. Flyers
  6. Print media
  7. Newspapers
  8. Coffee news
  9. Voice of South Marion
  • Direct email of flyers to area clubs in and out of the county
  1. An agenda needs to be developed and adhered to. Even though ARES is not a club, per se, parliamentary procedures should be followed in as much as meetings go.
  2. Invite area club presidents to the meetings. Attendees to invite include:
  3. SSRC
  4. MERT
  5. Friendship
  6. SCARS
  7. Quarter Century
  8. Ed Crowle, DEC
  9. EC, Hernando County
  10. EC, Citrus County
  11. Leon, K8ZAG representing the Villages ARC on the Marion Co. side
  12. Upcoming magazine write-ups
  13. Dress to impress
  14. Collared navy blue shirts, preferably with ARES® logo on them. EC badges if applicable
  15. Jeans are alright
  16. Net frequency change to 146.610 until 147.210 has been repaired This will be announced on all the nets and take effect on 8/20, unless otherwise notified.
  17. As an EC, you are requested to check-in to the ARES nets.
  18. Some area ARES® nets are:
  19. Marion County, Wednesday night 8:00, 147.210 123-
  20. Citrus County, Wednesday night, 7:00, 146.775 146.2
  21. Other nets:
  22. Silver Springs Radio Club, Mon, 7:30 146.610
  23. SkyWarn, Wednesday, 147.210
  24. MERT, Thursday, 7:30 146.610
  25. MERT DStar, Thursday, 8:00, 145.170
  26. Hurricane net
  27. SAR, 444.375, 123 (Anthony)
  28. Ham watch
  29. Other EmComm nets
  30. Other items of discussion:
  31. Possibly adding a UHF repeater to the Perry Field site on the 100 foot tower and remove the tribander on it now



These notes are not all inclusive, but the best I was able to take.

Carl Berry, KC5CMX