ARRL/Red Cross 2021 MOU

ARC/ARRL MOU 3/18/2021

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Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2021 3:49 PM
Subject: [NFLSEC] NEW American Red Cross MOU
Good afternoon everyone,
The ARRL and the American Red Cross have signed an updated MOU (Memorandum of Understanding.) I highly suggest every take a look at the new document. If you had had issues communicating with your local chapter, this might be a great time to try and reconnect. Take the MOU and discuss the changes.
One part of the old document upset quite a few people. It gave ARC the responsibility for Health and Welfare Messages (ARC Safe and Well).

Page 4, g. “Health and Welfare Messages: The Red Cross processes general welfare messages through the Red Cross Safe and Well website. ARRL volunteers are encouraged to assist in registering people on the Safe and Well website by the American National Red Cross ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio MOU – Red Cross and ARRL

Page 5 of 12 Document version: 01/06/2016 passing the required information from a point in the disaster area to someone outside the disaster area who can enter the information on the Safe and Well website. No special training or pre-defined agreements are necessary for ARRL volunteers to do this. The Safe and Well website is located on www.redcross.orgThis part of the MOU has been removed. If you discontinued practicing NTS or stopped including it in your shelter ops, you need to get back to using it. The ARC Safe and Well link no longer works.
I feel this is an essential part of amateur radio history and supports the community and their families. Remember, we are here for the served agency, and any communications they request comes first, but there’s typically lots of free time in shelters, and that would be the time to ask the NCS for permission to step away and offer your services.
You can find links to the new and old ARRL/ARC MOU below if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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