Hearts for Our Hospital Bicycle Challenge

We need operators and support personnel for all positions!
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Thank you for your interest in signing up to help the Hearts for Our Hospital Big Bike Weekend.

Communications over such a large area with so many riders are vital. Problems along the route from flat tires and other mechanical issues to lost riders or more severe problems such as accidents and the unforeseen. We need communicators, hams, to fill the needed positions around the venue at rest areas, SAG vehicles, and wherever they are deemed necessary. In the past, they have had to rapidly redeploy from Points A to B, skip C & D and report to E, then double back. We REALLY need YOU to fill all those other positions around the many courses.

What we are doing here is nailing Jell-o to a tree and asking for volunteers in all the counties that would like to participate, to sign up in one convenient spot. In the interest of safety for all participants, and those concerned, hams are the essential cog needed to make the wheel go round (no pun intended). The need is to have hams at rest areas along the way, at different safety checkpoints, and at observation areas like railroad crossings. The mission is just to sit back, observe and report when a rider from the group has passed your location, or whatever is asked of you. When the last rider has gone past, you may secure your station or ask to be reassigned to another or return to the "Home Base" in the Villages.

Make sure you have FULLY charged spare battery packs and a good mobile/HT antenna. You'll also need a yellow reflective vest, a chair, munchies, drinks and things like that